Ahmadi | 11.05.2015
Hello Butterfly, we are pleased to meet you. You have a very pretty name. Is Butterfly a common name in Israel? Here in Iran it sounds like an American hippie name ;)
Butterfly | 11.05.2015
ur right, my parents were kinda hippies. that’s why I’ve got a silly name. but in Hebrew Butterfly is written פרפר . my parents lived in a kibbutz in southern Israel, they were against war, the rich, industry… now guess what, mum works in finance and dad is a military engineer for the IDF. SO ASHAMED, honestly! they r like zombies…
Ahmadi | 12.05.2015
Dear Butterfly, your judgement seems a bit severe. The world is changing around us and we have to evolve with it. My wife and I are a good example. In the 1980s we fought with the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran. It is a guerrilla group that defends humanist, liberal, and secular values against the dictatorship of the Shah of Iran, an Islamist regime. The world has changed since then, and we have laid down our weapons but we keep our values. We just find different ways to fight.
Butterfly | 12.05.2015
at least ur fighting! u no Che Guevara? he’s my idol. he was in a guerrilla group. I’ve got all the t-shirts, posters… u don’t no him? he’s not fashionable now but I love him. he died in Boliva fighting capitalism. and he denounced the imperialism of Israel against the Palestinians – I’m going 2 b like him!
Ahmadi | 13.05.2015
Of couse we know who Che is! It warms our hearts to see he inspires you too. You know, lots of people said our group, the Mojahedin, were Marxist like Che but it’s not that simple. Dear Butterfly, do you know about Marxism?
Ahmadi | 24.05.2015
Butterfly, are you OK? No news from you in 2 weeks…
Ahmadi | 28.05.2015
Butterfly | 28.05.2015
SORRRYYYY!! somethin really really gr8 happened. im good, BETTER THAN EVA!! U SEEN MY VIDEO ?
Ahmadi | 28.05.2015
Butterfly, we must speak to you immediately, IMMEDIATELY! Do you have a telephone? You don’t mess with extremists. They are not Muslims, they are murderers. Our family is Muslim and nowhere in the Quran does it tell us to do such terrible things.
Ahmadi | 28.05.2015
You want to rebel and that is justifiable. But please beware of frauds like ISIS who wish to exploit your rebellion. Apart from us, the Ahmadi family, do you have friends you can talk to about your thirst for changing the world? Your first step is to find a community of young protestors like yourself.
Butterfly | 29.05.2015
thank you sooo much, that’s gr8 advice. i thought about it and ur right - i need a community of people like me, people that r cool and have the pirate look - not this gang of bearded visionaries…
Butterfly | 29.05.2015
the guy from ISIS who recruits on fb told me i had to take out my piercings. haha, what an idiot!!
Ahmadi | 30.05.2015

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