To participate in a sponsorship, you must be eligible in one of those two categories:
• 1) To create a sponsor profile: being born in Africa, Asia or South America.
• 2) To create a wealthy child profile: being born in the West and be 21 years old or younger.

If you meet these criteria, click on the section Sponsor a child or register as a child by passing the screening test. Once registered, the sponsor browse the Catalog of children and choose from among those pending. Then, sponsorship can start up!

Through 280-character messages (yes, twice as many as Twitter!), the sponsor shares their know-how with the child. Their mission is to reconnect the child with those around them: the elderly, neighbours, strangers, and friends. Tools are available to sponsors and children to help them succeed in their mission.

A) LOCATE THE LEVELS TOOL that appears on your profile. This tool shows the progress of the child, who must reach level 5. Once this level is reached, the child is saved and the sponsor’s mission is accomplished.

B) LOCATE THE CORRESPONDENCE TOOL placed under the photo. It allows the sponsor to advise their child and help them move up the levels. Every time they show signs of progress in a message, the sponsor rewards their child by raising their levels. Each level is devoted to a specific type of relationship:
Level 1 - Elders. To pass the first level, the child must demonstrate to their sponsor that he/she is taking steps to get closer to seniors.
Level 2 - Neighbours. The child must convince their sponsor he/she has made efforts to learn more about their neighbours.
Level 3 - Strangers. Here, the child must learn to greet people on the street and open up to strangers.
Level 4 - Friends. To pass this level, the child must demonstrate that their friends are not limited to people like him/her on the internet.
Level 5 - The child is saved! The sponsor judges that the child is now out of relational poverty. Mission accomplished!

BEWARE! The goal of this messaging is to share your experience of human relationships with someone from another culture. Religious and political proselytizing, financial and sexual solicitation, and all disrespectful behavior are forbidden. Failure to comply with these rules will result in the suspension of the profile.


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