Kouamé | 26.10.2014
Hello Kevin, my family and I are very happy to sponsor you. First of all, do you have any questions you'd like to ask us about our family, or about the culture in our country, the Ivory Coast?
Kevin | 26.10.2014
Is that in Africa? Man, I was watching TV the other day and the news was sayin that Africa is a country with tons of diseases. Omg, i can't believe that you actually live there. Do you have some Purell at least?
Kouamé | 27.10.2014
To respond to your question Kevin, no, I don't think we have any Purell in the Ivory Coast. Could you tell me exactly what Purell is? Is it some kind of elephant purée?
Kevin | 29.10.2014
LOL!!!!! No, its like a kind of soap that gets rid of all the bacteria on your hands so that you don't catch any germs. They always talk about that kinda stuff on TV... ebola, H1N1, SARS... You never know what you kinda bug you could catch tomorrow morning.
Kouamé | 30.10.2014
Indeed, standards of hygiene might not be the same here as in the West. But it's important not to over worry about germs. Did you know your body contains about 500 kinds of bacteria?
Kevin | 01.11.2014
Ughhh! Man, quit talking like that, I'm gunna barf! You were talking about elephant purée earlier, you guys got elephants where your from?
Kouamé | 02.11.2014
Yes, we have African elephants in our country. Sadly, they are too often victims of poaching. Their tusks are made of ivory and it worths a lot of money on the black market.
Kevin | 03.11.2014
Oh yeah? i’m gonna fly to Africa and turn rich LOL. No just kiddin…i would be 2 scared to meet one, it seems so huge!
Kouamé | 05.11.2014
By the way, did you know that our national football team is named The Elephants? Do you practice this sport, Kevin?
Kevin | 07.11.2014
Oh no! i don’t like sports…2 tiring, i play football with my Wii instead. Anyway my dad always told me that my knees were 2 weak to play foot…
name Kouamé
country Ivory Coast
sponsor of Kevin

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